About Harmony

A Unique Music School:

How is Harmony Roadhouse Music Studios, LLC so different from most music schools?

It’s a hybrid of a music school and independent teaching studios. The combination creates a unique experience for teachers and students. Harmony (the studios’ nickname) is a space for independent music teachers. Although it is a space for teachers to rent, the word Harmony is the focus, because teachers work together to support each other and create great experiences for students.

One way in which we’re more than just individual teachers sharing teaching space, is that Harmony has collaborative concerts. One of my favorites is when the teachers play with a student to create a band. What do you get when you put a beginning bass player with a pro singer, drummer, guitarist, and pianist? A great show! How do I know? It usually happens a couple of times a year that Harmony students rehearse with Harmony teachers and put on an awesome concert at a local venue.

Why is it called music studios when it isn’t a recording studio? If you look up the definition of music studio on Google, you will find that it automatically defers to a recording studio. However, the term music studio has been used by music teachers for many years for the student body whom they teach privately, and it’s the term used for the space in which they teach.

A Unique Music School:

What Can Students Expect at Harmony Roadhouse Music Studios, LLC? Parents of students can be assured that the teachers have had a background check and have been interviewed and accepted based on their education and experience. The directors of Harmony Roadhouse Music Studios value a good reputation for the studios, which they know is based on word-of-mouth in the community, so they select teachers carefully.

Walking through the door, you’ll often hear muted bits of lessons happening behind closed doors. You may also come across teachers chatting in their spare time between lessons, bouncing ideas off each other and problem solving. While it can be distracting to hear other lessons, it can also be inspiring. Students get to hear other students of all ages and levels, which can give beginners hope for what they may learn and remind advanced students just how far they’ve come. It also exposes them to a variety of other instruments, repertoire, and genres. Sometimes hearing other lessons and meeting other teachers even inspires students to learn multiple instruments.

Harmony puts the student or student’s parents in control. Prospective students choose a teacher after looking at the teacher’s biography, policies, and teaching philosophy. Students pay their teachers directly because the teachers at Harmony are self-employed.